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09 beautiful Natural magics for Shrinking an Enlarged Prostate

09 beautiful Natural magics for Shrinking an Enlarged Prostate
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Of the natural remedies outlined here, saw have the strongest clinical research backing their ability to shrink enlarged prostate size over months of use.

List of 5α-reductase inhibitors Herbs and other inhibitors)

Introduction .

When Ibrahim started noticing more frequent bathroom trips at night, it was definitely an unpleasant surprise! His friend Nabi, who’s really into natural remedies, said it sounded like Ibrahim’s prostate might be acting up. But Nabi had some good news – he said lots of other guys he knows found real relief from some simple remedies & supplements . “You never know, a little natural help could be all you need to feel better down there,” Nabi said optimistically. ibrahim figured it was worth a try before seeing the doctor,

Luckily after a few weeks, he started to notice a real difference – his symptoms were easing up. Not only that, but he felt like his energy levels improved too. It made perfect sense to Ibrahim that supporting prostate health from the inside with natural ingredients could promote overall wellness in that area. He was glad he gave the remedies a shot, and hoped his positive experience encouraged others in his situation to give them a whirl as well, since for many people, they really do seem to work great.

Ibrahim was glad the natural approach helped in his case and hopes others in similar situations will also consider non-medical options while still prioritizing medical advice and care from their doctor. Continuing communication with a doctor remains important to monitor health and rule out any underlying conditions.

9 Natural beautiful magics for Shrinking an Enlarged Prostate

. In this article, we will explore 09 such science-backed options for shrinking an enlarged prostate

1__Sphaeranthus Indicus for enlarged Prostate

Commonly known as Eas tryt Indian Globe Thistle, S. indicus is an Ayurvedic herb with data suggesting it may inhibit prostate enlargement.
One study gave rats testosterone injections to induce benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and also treated half the rats with a methanol extract of S. indicus at 200 mg/kg/day orally. After 28 days, prostate weights were reduced by 28% in the treated group indicating attenuated prostate growth (9). This points to potential therapeutic use, though human studies are still lacking.

2 ___Abrus Precatorius

Research on the seeds of this plant native to Asia and Africa found inhibitory effects on testosterone-induced benign prostatic hyperplasia in rats when given orally at 200 mg/kg for 28 days. It significantly reduced prostate weight by 34% compared to controls (10). Further research is warranted, but it offers interesting prospects as a natural BPH remedy.

3___Stinging Nettle Root

Nettle root contains anti-inflammatory compounds called lignans that likely help shrink the prostate through dual mechanisms. First, they act as a 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor to reduce DHT levels similar to saw palmetto. Second, they possess antioxidant activities that can reduce prostate inflammation (4).
Multiple studies have found nettle root extract significantly improves LUTS (lower urinary tract symptoms) within 2-6 months of use. In one 3-month study of 60 men, nettle root reduced IPSS by 28% on average versus 19% for the placebo group (5). Another study showed it reduced prostate size by 10-25% (6).
The recommended dosage is 160-320 mg of a 1:8 extract from dried nettle root daily. Nettle root’s anti-DHT and anti-inflammatory effects make it a valuable natural BPH remedy.

4___Pygeum Africanum

Extract from the bark of the Prunus africana tree, also known as Pygeum or African plum tree, contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds that may help reduce prostate inflammation and swelling.
Some research has found Pygeum extract can significantly shrink prostate size in BPH patients. One 6-month study showed it reduced prostate volume by around 25% on average compared to 10% for the placebo group (7). However, additional larger and longer studies are still needed to fully validate its effectiveness.
The recommended dosage is 50-200 mg of a standardized Pygeum extract daily. Its protective antioxidant properties along with anti-inflammatory activities show promise for natural prostate support.

5___Secale Cereale

Rye grass pollen extract, also known as Cernilton, possesses anti-inflammatory properties as well as the ability to limit prostate cell hyperplasia and growth according to research.
Several short-term clinical trials have found rye grass pollen extract effectively improved LUTS in BPH patients.

One 2-month placebo-controlled study of 92 men with BPH showed the treatment group had a 31% drop in IPSS scores compared to just 10% for placebo (8).
The recommended dosage is 40-80 mg of a standardized rye grass pollen extract daily for optimal results. While more research is still needed, it represents a practical natural option.

6___Saw Palmetto

The most researched natural treatment for an prostate is saw palmetto.
. Users also reported fewer side effects from saw palmetto compared to prescription drugs like finasteride. The recommended dosage is 320 mg of a liposterolic extract once or twice daily.

7—Pumpkin Seed & Cucurbita Pepo

One of the effective natural remedy for enlarged prostate
The recommended dosage is 200-300 mg of pumpkin seed extract standardized to contain at least 30% fatty acids once or twice daily. More research with larger sample sizes is still needed, but pumpkin seed shows promise as a natural BPH remedy.

Pumpkin is a traditional medicinal food shown to benefit prostate health. Research on pumpkin seed oil extract found it contains ellagitannins that act as 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors to reduce DHT levels associated with prostate growth. A study in mice given pumpkin seed oil extract for 28 consecutive days observed a significant decrease in ventral prostate weight indicating inhibitory effects on benign prostatic hyperplasia (12). This validates C. pepo’s historical use as a natural remedy for enlarged prostate.

8___Pinus Pinaster

Bark extracts from the maritime pine tree Pinus pinaster contain antioxidant polyphenols and essential oils that have demonstrated anti-inflammatory properties in studies. One experiment in rats discovered a Pinus pinaster bark extract reduced DHT levels by 30% in prostatic tissue at doses of 50-200 mg/kg intragastrically for 28 days (11). This hints at possible effectiveness for shrinking the prostate, though more tests are still needed.

9__Urtica Dioica (Nettle)

As discussed earlier, nettle root contains lignans that display powerful anti-proliferative and anti-inflammatory properties beneficial for the prostate through inhibition of DHT production and reduction of inflammation. Multiple studies have found it improves BPH symptoms and shrinks prostate size by 10-25% within 2-6 months of regular use.

When combining nettle root extract with other prostate-supportive herbs like saw palmetto, pumpkin seed, and pygeum, research suggests it enhances their effectiveness for shrinking an enlarged prostate through complementary mechanisms of action (13). Nettle represents an important foundational ingredient in natural prostate health protocols.

Taking a Holistic Approach

While isolated natural ingredients can offer benefits, taking a more holistic multi-modal approach may produce the best long-term results for safely shrinking an enlarged prostate without drugs. Combining lifestyle changes with select herbal supplements targeted at both blocking DHT production and reducing prostate inflammation seems to offer men the greatest potential for natural relief.
Key lifestyle modifications that can support prostate hea tolth include regular exercise to promote blood and lymphatic flow in the pelvic region, maintaining a healthy weight, avoiding excess alcohol intake, and drinking plenty of pure water daily. Getting regular prostate massage can also help relieve congestion and tenderness, especially when combined with a few drops of therapeutic-grade essential oils in a carrier oil.

Herbal supplements shown to be helpful in research include a blend of saw palmetto, pumpkin seed, nettle root and pygeum standardized to deliver effective dosages of their active compounds. Consistently taking such a targeted herbal formula for at least 3-6 months alongside supportive lifestyle changes has been shown to reduce IPSS symptomatic scores and shrink prostate size by at least 10-30% according to studies cited earlier in this article.
Of course, it’s always recommended to consult a licensed healthcare provider before making any changes to treatment for an enlarged prostate. But following a holistic wellness protocol that addresses underlying causes in addition to symptoms represents an ideal natural first-line approach for regaining prostate health and minimizing growth over the long run.


Q: Should I see a doctor if using natural remedies for an enlarged prostate?
A: It’s recommended to see a doctor for an initial evaluation and monitoring while using natural remedies, especially if symptoms significantly worsen or do not improve after several months of consistent use. Some men may require additional testing or combined treatment. A healthcare practitioner can also help ensure no contradicting conditions or medications.

Q: How long until I see results from natural prostate remedies?
A: Most studies show noticeable relief of symptoms within 2-3 months, though significant prostate size reduction typically requires at least 6 months of consistent supplementation. It’s best to give a holistic protocol at least that long before determining effectiveness for shrinking an enlarged prostate or considering additional options.
Q: Can natural remedies replace prescription drugs for an enlarged prostate?
A: Natural remedies alone may control symptoms

Additional Information

While prescription drugs are certainly effective options for managing severe BPH symptoms, many men prefer addressing the underlying issue naturally without side effects. By using a holistic approach of lifestyle changes, targeted nutrient intake and herbal supplements together, it’s
, it’s possible to help inhibit prostate cell growth overtime and potentially shrink enlarged prostate size by 10-30% or more within 6 months, according to available clinical evidence. However, it’s always wise to check with your doctor before starting any new supplements or changing medications on your own, especially if symptoms are severe. With dedication to natural self-care methods and monitoring by a doctor, many men find relief from bothersome urinary issues related to BPH without surgery or harsh pharmaceuticals.

Some More Information

Of the natural remedies outlined here, saw palmetto and pumpkin seed have the strongest clinical research backing their ability to reduce prostate size over months of use. However, studies on stinging nettle root, pygeum, beta-sitosterol and rye grass pollen also point to their effectiveness at improving symptoms and prostate measurements when taken long-term. Overall, a multitargeted approached seems best – aiming to both block DHT production and reduce inflammation in the prostate through lifestyle and supplements working via different mechanisms. Consistency is key as well – giving natural therapies ample time, usually at least 6 months, to take full effect at a cellular level and shrink the enlarged prostate organ.


An enlarged prostate is very common in aging men but it doesn’t have to rule quality of life. Various natural options exist that can safely and affordably help relieve bothersome urinary issues and modestly shrink prostate size over months of responsible use. A holistic approach addressing lifestyle, targeted nutrition and herbal remedies may offer men a drug-free solution. However, serious or rapidly progressive symptoms still warrant medical evaluation. Working closely with an integrative healthcare provider allows natural and conventional therapies to be combined strategically for optimal prostate health as men age

Remember, these natural remedies are not guaranteed to shrink the prostate magically overnight. Patience and consistency are key. If your symptoms persist or worsen, I urge you to consult a healthcare professional who can guide you further on this mystical journey of healing.

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