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5 ways alcohol demages liver

5 ways alcohol demages liver
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An Honest Chat About Liver Health and how alcohol damages liver


Hey everyone, my name is Dr Shahid
. Our today’s topic is how alcohol damages the liver, in five ways

I wanted to have a friendly chat about something really important – looking after our livers! Our livers work so hard for us every day without rest.

The Amazing Things Our Livers Do For Us
First, let’s learn about what livers normally do to keep us healthy every day. Our livers are one of the hardest working organs in our whole bodies. They weigh about 3 pounds and sit on the right side under our ribs……. click……
Some key things livers do are:

  • Filter bad toxins from our blood so it stays clean as it travels around our body. This keeps all our organs working well.
  • Make bile to help digest food in our small intestines. Bile helps us absorb nutrients from meals.
  • Act like a mini chemical factory. Livers make important things like enzymes and clotting factors we need to stay alive!
  • Store vitamins, minerals and iron until other parts of our body need them.
    As you can see, livers do a million tasks behind the scenes to help us feel our best. So when they get hurt, it affects our whole health. Let’s keep their hard work in mind.
    How Drinking Too Much Alcohol Can Hurt Livers…… click…..
  • Now for the not-so-fun part – how alcohol can damage livers over time if we drink too much, too often. When we have a drink, the alcohol gets absorbed into our bloodstream fast from our stomachs. Only our livers can break alcohol down into safe things our bodies can get rid of in pee, sweat or even breathing it out.
    To do this big job, livers use special enzyme tools inside their cells. But even small amounts of alcohol can overwhelm these tools. Then livers have to work extra hard just to start processing the alcohol. If we keep drinking a lot over many years, this overload causes problems like swelling and scarring that don’t go away easily.
    It’s kind of like trying to mow 20 huge lawns in one night with just a normal push mower. Your body would get super tired from the huge work! This “overwork” is what slowly hurts livers when we drink too much for a very long time without giving them breaks.

5 Stages of Alcohol-Related Liver Trouble

  • So what exactly happens inside livers as the damage gets worse? Sadly, if nothing changes the problems just get more serious stage by stage. Here are the typical stages
  • 1____ Fatty Liver:
  • Extra alcohol makes fat build up in liver cells. This stage is reversible with no drinking.
  • 2___ Liver Swelling:
  • Long-term heavy drinking leads to liver cells getting damaged and blood flow slowing down.
  • 3___ Liver Scarring: Over time, dead liver tissue gets replaced with tough scars that make livers work less we
  • 4___ Cirrhosis: The worst stage where scarring takes over and blood vessels get disrupted. This could lead to liver cancer or even failure without a new liver from a donor.
    5___Cancer of liver: Heavy drinking over years definitely Here are some ideas: and even it may lead to cancer of liver, increases the chances of slowly advancing through these stages until the liver is very unwell.

Steps to help

  • But making changes can help livers start to heal.
    Simple Steps To Help Take Care Of Licancer of liververs
    The best news is that livers can often repair themselves, even after suffering damage, when we make healthier choices.
  • Cut down on drinking or stop completely. This gives tired livers extra rest from their big alcohol-breaking job.
  • Eat lots of fruits, veggies and whole grains. Foods with antioxidants help reduce liver stress.
  • Drink water so livers don’t face extra strain from dehydration.
  • Be active and keep moving with activities you enjoy. Exercise supports good blood flow for liver filter jobs.
  • Do relaxing things and manage stress, which raises stress hormones that hurt liver recovery.
  • Ask your doctor about natural supplements like milk thistle that support liver wellness.
    Sticking to liver-friendly habits lets hardworking livers fix themselves over time. I hope this chat helps someone take care of their amazing liver. Let me know if you have any other questions!

Originally posted 2023-11-04 20:05:22.

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