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Fatty Liver Prevention Natural Ways

Fatty Liver Prevention Natural Ways
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Taking Care of Your Liver – Natural Ways to Prevent Fatty Liver Disease


Hello everyone! My name is Dr Shahid and today I I’ll talk about the health of the liver which is the main organ and how when we can prevent it from the toxins and going sick by natural easy and applicable ways and lifestyle
Your liver is such an important organ that does so much for you every day. Did you know it filters out toxins from your blood, breaks down medications and makes important proteins? Wow, what a busy little liver we have in there! Unfortunately as we age, our livers can start to struggle a bit more with all that work. One issue women over 50 sometimes face is something called fatty liver disease………

Hepatitis(Liver inflammation)”Preventing fatty liver

Fatty liver occurs when too much fat builds up in the liver cells. This happens because the liver is having trouble processing and breaking down all the fats you eat or drink. The extra fat then gets stored in the liver instead of being used or eliminated properly. Over time, this fat build up can damage liver cells and potentially lead to more serious problems…….…….

What causes fatty liver to develop?

Here are some reasons which should we consider and try to prevent those bad habits and should adopt the better ways and suggestions

1___Alcohol intake

It take the liver in such a condition that it has to finish the toxins of the alcohol and it puts a load on the liver and it makes the liver sick and unhealthy, it puts significant strain on your liver.

2__ Being Overweight

Extra weight means your liver has to work overtime to break down more fats from food. Carrying excess pounds, especially around the waist, raises your risk. Even modest weight gain can contribute to fatty build up over the years.

3___ Poor Diet

Eating an unbalanced diet high in sugar and unhealthy, processed fats contributes to fatty liver. When you regularly consume more calories than your body needs, especially from “junk” foods, it overwhelms your liver’s ability to manage it all.

4____ Rapid Weight Loss

While losing weight seems counterintuitive, rapid weight loss done in an unhealthy way can also promote fatty liver. Crash dieting or weight loss through starvation puts stress on the liver. It’s best to lose pounds slowly through lifestyle changes.
So now that we know what causes it,

What are some natural ways to help prevent :

and possibly even reverse fatty liver disease as you age? Here are some top tips:

1___ Lose Weight Gradually

Slow, steady weight loss of 1-2 pounds per week through diet and exercise is the gold standard for reducing liver fat. Work towards achieving a healthy BMI to lift pressure off your hard-working liver.

2___ Cut Back on Alcohol Intake

For those with alcoholic fatty liver disease, complete alcohol abstinence is recommended. Others should limit intake to no more than 1 drink per day for women.

3____ Eat More Plant-Based Foods

You should take at least three servings of fruits and vegetables and whole grains and plant But origin proteins which will not only protect your liver but will also manage the sugar regularly and in a normal way and these no fat and they contain high fiber in them and it is very easy for liver for digestion and health

4____ Incorporate Herbal Teas

Sipping green tea or licorice root tea daily provides antioxidants to support liver health. Turmeric and dandelion tea are also excellent anti-inflammatory options.
H2. Add Superfoods to Meals
Berries, walnuts, flaxseeds and extra virgin olive oil are packed with fatty acids, vitamins and minerals that may help repair liver cells. Garlic and ginger add flavor while assisting liver detoxification.

5____ Manage Stress Levels

High stress puts extra strain on the body, including your hard-working liver. Try relaxing activities like yoga, meditation, deep breathing or simply spending time with friends.

6____ Get Regular Medical Check Ups

Don’t ignore any symptoms and see your doctor for blood tests to check liver function if you have risk factors. Early intervention is key to managing fatty liver disease naturally.


Small changes to diet and lifestyle go a long way in supporting your liver’s health as you age. Remember – this vital organ works tirelessly for you every single day.

Originally posted 2023-10-26 20:29:33.

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