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“Natural remedies for social anxiety in children

“Natural remedies for social anxiety in children
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“Natural remedies for social anxiety in children

Understanding Social Anxiety in Children

My brothers, as parents each of us want the best for our children. But some struggle with feelings of fear or worry, especially around other people. This is called social anxiety. Let’s talk about how we can support them….Understanding Social Anxiety in Children

Social anxiety means a child feels very nervous or scared in social situations. They worry a lot about what others think of them. This holds kids back from activities or making friends…….click

Some signs of social anxiety are avoiding social events, repeatedly asking “what if” questions before going, feeling physically anxious like blushing or sweating when talking to people, being very shy needing a parent with them, not making eye contact or joining conversations, and worrying for days after being with others…..

If your child shows several signs like this consistently, it may be social anxiety. But there is hope – with patience and some adjustments at home, inshaAllah we can help our kids feel more comfortable over time…. /a-cup-of-calm-natural-ways-feel-better-tummy

Stories of Courage from Our Community

I want to share a few stories I know from families who saw improvement naturally: for Understanding Social Anxiety in Children

Salim was a 7-year old boy. His parents noticed that he seemed to bevery shy. In Sunday school, he would sit quietly and not join activities. His mom made some changes to Salim’s diet, removing gluten, dairy and added ginger, turmeric and chamomile tea. She also did aromatherapy with lavender before school events. Within a few months, Salim started coming out of his shell. Now he helps his teacher and even did a reading at Eid! His parents were so proud. Understanding Social Anxiety in Children ..Spence Children’s Anxiety ScaleSpence……

Yusuf’s mom noticed he seemed withdrawn at his new school. She made sure to listen to him, giving reassurance and confidence in his abilities. She had him spend time with younger cousins to practice leadership. Now Yusuf plays basketball and makes the honor roll—his mother’s support helped reduce his fears.

Aisha was nervous starting preschool, so her parents prepared her through role plays discussing what each day would be like. They let teachers know how brave she was, too. These small changes eased Aisha into her new routine happily. Good communication between home and school made all the difference.

Zayn struggled with shyness until his parents removed dairy, sugars and added calming herbs to his diet. They also tried relaxing exercises before bed. Within a few months, Zayn started coming out of his shell. His parents were delighted to see such positive changes.

Using Remedies Responsibly and Ethically

When assisting our children, certain guidelines help ensure their well-being: & Understanding Social Anxiety in Children

  • Consult a doctor first to rule out medical issues and get guidance on remedies. Some blends could interact with prescribed medications.
  • Begin remedies early as support, not replacing professional help if anxiety becomes severe or disrupts life.
  • Follow proper dosages based on a child’s age, size and health history. Too much of some supplements is not advisable for young ones.
  • Notice changes over a few weeks before making adjustments, as results can vary individually. Consistency is important.
  • Choose high-quality brands from reputable suppliers for herbal teas, essential oils or supplements. Therapeutic grade ensures pure ingredients.
  • Inform teachers if remedies could impact school, so home and school work as a united team for the child’s benefit.

With care and monitoring, remedies provide supportive alternatives worth considering before pharmaceuticals. Most importantly – a child’s wellness is the top priority.

Natural Remedy Ideas Worth Trying

Here are some possible remedies many have safely used:

  • Diet changes like removing food dyes, dairy, gluten which act as triggers for sensitive kids’ behavior. Probiotics, omega-3s and B vitamins also aid mood and digestion.
  • Herbal chamomile or passionflower tea can soothe nerves before bedtime. One to two teaspoons is enough for older children.
  • Essential oils like calming lavender or cheerful lemon in a diffuser daily. One drop on a pillow at night may help relaxation and sleep.
  • Gentle yoga, reading Quran or engaging in hobbies makes deep breathing part of home life. This carries over to anxious situations outside too.
  • Practicing positive visualization of feeling calm and confident in social settings or events. Changing mindsets impacts how situations are faced.
  • Building close relationships where children feel heard boosts self-esteem greatly versus praising results alone. Focusing on strengths together provides encouragement.

Patience and consistency with natural remedies tailored for an individual child is most effective approach. See what works best for your family’s unique situation. Your support is very important for them.

Identifying the Signs of Social Anxiety in Children

Some signs that a child may have social anxiety include:

  • Avoiding social activities like parties, hanging out with friends, school events. They may cry or have a meltdown over having to go.
  • Repeatedly asking “What if someone doesn’t like me?” or “What if I do something embarrassing?” before social events.
  • Blushing, sweating or having physical anxiety symptoms like an upset stomach when talking to others.
  • Seeming very shy, quiet or needing a parent to be with them at all times outside the home.
  • Having trouble making eye contact or joining in on conversations.
  • Worrying for days after a social activity about how they performed or what others may have thought of them.

If your child shows several of these signs consistently, it may be a sign they have social anxiety. The good news is there are things we can do to help them feel more comfortable


In closing, I hope sharing these ideas and stories of courage from our community offers support. Remember checking with a doctor as well. Most importantly, believe in your child’s potential and keep cheering them on daily with compassion – through this, insha Allah over time anxiety symptoms can lessen. Feel free to share your experiences too. Take care, everyone.

Originally posted 2023-12-20 22:59:35.

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